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unmade adj : (of a bed) not having the sheets and blankets set in order; "an unmade bed with tangled sheets and blankets" [ant: made]unmake v : deprive of certain characteristics [syn: undo] [ant: do] [also: unmade]unmade See unmake

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From un- + made



  1. not (yet) made
  2. existing without having been made


  • 1965, Frederic Morton, The Schatten Affair, page 180
    On the most unmade bed imaginable sat two older Jewish men, both with black coats folded across their knees, bent close to each other […].
  • 1980, Blackwood's Magazine, page 505
    [E]ven when it turned off the unmade road and went steeply upwards along an even more unmade track, I was still exhilarated […].
  • 2005, Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka, Human Creation Between Reality and Illusion, page 162
    Even in the most unmade forms of art. one could discern an epistemology of art that is assumed on the same productivist parameters.


  1. past of unmake


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